Welcome to The Whole Picture {eats}! My name is Celina and these are my culinary food-ventures.

I am a self-proclaimed foodie, home-cook, amateur photographer (forever learning), and soon-to-be Board Certified Holistic Health Counselor.

“The Whole Picture” is my philosophy on nourishing your whole self, not just with food, but by nurturing all the important aspects of your life.  The name is a sort of play-on-words, if you will:

  • Whole – taking care of your whole being, eating whole foods
  • Picture – sharing things through photography
  • Whole Picture – looking at everything in your life (inside and out)

Through my food and photo journey, I hope to share with you ways to nourish yourself with recipes using ingredients that are as whole, unprocessed, organic, local, and fresh as possible!  I am constantly learning and I hope you will enjoy what I share with you.

Cooking + Whole-being wellness + Photography = The Whole Picture {eats}

I love to cook (and eat!) and grew up with a family who does, too. I have fond memories of learning how to prepare traditional Filipino food from my parents (and other great dishes too) and of my brother & I making “gourmet meals” for ourselves after school. I love to try new recipes, collect cookbooks, and read food blogs.


With a family history of health issues – including heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure – I have always had the inherent desire to improve the overall well-being of my loved ones and myself.  More importantly, through my education at The Institute of Integrative Nutrition, I’m learning how essential it is to nourish your whole self.


Looking to learn more about the Health Counseling Services I will soon be offering? 

Check out my website: The Whole Picture Wellness


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